by Paul

Broome, Heidelberg, New Zealand, Istanbul…


I started my photography career capturing camels in the sunset on Western Australia’s Cable Beach. I was basically a salesman, tour guide, and photographer in one.

Since these humble beginnings, it’s fair to say I’ve diversified a bit. Working around the world with destinations such as Donostia San Sebastian, Destination Queenstown (New Zealand), and Tourism Germany, as well as premiere resorts in the Dolomites, Istanbul, and New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.

In 2017 I moved to Germany to experience life in a different culture, and to challenge myself with different subject matter and more ambitious projects.

In the fast changing world of content creation I realised in 2020 that photography alone might not be able to sustain me, so I jumped on the band wagon and dove into the world of videography. Now my work is a split of roughly 60/40 videography/ photography, which in my mind qualifies me to call myself a “content creator”.

As a dedicated caffeine addict I gladly worked for many years as a barista, with photography supplementing this on the side. However, in recent years these roles reversed, and in mid-2023 I went all in on Photography and content creation as my full-time gig.

While still primarily based in Heidelberg, I spend a significant amount of time in New Zealand over the summer months and am in and out of Istanbul as my second home in Europe.

paul michael

The early days…. Broome, Western Australia

photo: @from.miles.away