by Paul

Photography has long been a passion of mine, but for much longer I’ve been passionate about travel, nature and the outdoors. Spending hour upon hour as a child watching National Geographic shows, attempting to build weather forecasting devices and poring over maps and atlases. Photography later became a way for me to channel the passion I felt towards these subjects. 


New Zealand is an incredible place to grow up, especially for an aspiring photographer. But it wasn’t until I moved to Australia that I began to take photography seriously. After travelling and working all over the country for years, I found myself in Broome taking photographs for the famous Broome Camel Safaris

Broome is famous for sunsets, and over the following three years I witnessed more than most people will in a lifetime. I took countless photos and ran miles every day trying to get the best angles in constantly changing light. Before long I had developed my own style and found that some of my work was in demand; My photographs were used in brochures and posters, and frequently shared on social media by Tourism Australia and Western Australia. In time I also started to receive requests for printed works, weddings and commercial work.


Photographing camels is a unique way to make a living, and the lifestyle in Broome is hard to beat. But in 2016 I challenged myself to ride a bike 4,000km across Europe and raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia. During this adventure, I realised I still had a desire to experience more of the world before settling in one place. So, soon after returning, I left Broome and the camels behind to move to Heidelberg, Germany. Living in Germany has so far been a big change of culture and scenery (not to mention climate), but I am enjoying the challenge. Heidelberg itself is one of the most beautiful cities on earth and also serves as a perfect central location for travel and work throughout Europe

paul michael

 photo: @from.miles.away