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I’m gonna keep this short because I’m absolutely exhausted.

After a stressful day of picking up bike and getting everything packed and in order yesterday I finally managed to get under way today. I started later than planned because I had to go to town for supplies in the morning. Then I needed to post my backpack to Bulgaria and apparently every shop in France closes for a two hour lunch break, including the post office. But it worked out well because the sun came out for the afternoon just in time for me to set off. I was on my way just before 3pm and managed to get to Ancenis by about 6. A solid 50km to start the trip off, although 10 of that was finding my way out of Nantes.

The actual Euro-Velo trail is amazing (once you find it), and I couldn’t be happier with how the trip has started. It was exactly as I imagined: cycling through farmland and small villages, waving and saying Bonjour to all the locals, and stopping to eat baguettes. It’s in stark contrast to my last week in Russia, where if you even made eye contact with a passer-by you’d be arrested on the spot. Then again, they are an anxious bunch; when our Aeroflot (Russian national carrier) flight landed in Sofia the other day the passengers all broke out in applause. Apparently landing safely wasn’t expected.

Tomorrow I’m heading across this bridge and east towards Angers. It’s roughly a 65km day, so hopefully my body parts are OK in the morning.


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