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Heidelberg Sunset Panorama


Heidelberg has treated me to some spectacular sunsets over the past few years, but every now and then she raises the bar and puts on a real show. This one evening in Early December 2019 was one of those times. So good I had to take multiple images and stitch it into a panorama in order to capture all the beauty!



Rolled Print

Heidelberg Sunset Panorama is printed by White Wall in Germany on the highest quality Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper. This paper is ideal for strong contrasts, luminous highlights, and vivid colors and is guaranteed to last a minimum of 75 years. This is the best option if you want the freedom to have the print mounted or framed in a way that suits you. 

Ready to Hang Acrylic Glass

Heidelberg Sunset Panorama is one of my select few images to be available printed and mounted behind acrylic glass. Acrylic brings out the very best of the color and vibrancy in the images and is the most spectacular way to display my photographs. Although more expensive, the acrylic prints come ready to hang and can work out cheaper than custom mounting and framing of a rolled print.

Forex Mounted Print

Forex is a sturdy, lightweight, PVC board perfectly suited for displaying photos in a clean and simple manner, without detracting from the photograph itself. The prints come ready to hang, but can also be framed in a way that suits you. In my opinion, the best thing about Forex prints is the complete lack of glare or reflection. Perfect for bright rooms.


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