Update from Orleans

by Paul
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So I never imagined I’d come from the tropics of Western Australia to central France and be overwhelmed by the heat, but here we are. Yesterday I rode nearly 100km in temperatures up to 37 degrees! By the time I’d reached Orleans I was seriously exhausted and I was cramping up pretty bad (I hope the CF dietician in Perth isn’t reading this). With that in mind, and today’s forecast being even warmer, I decided to give my body a bit of a break to recover. I also used the time to buy a few things that I hadn’t thought of before I started – Like a third drink bottle holder! I also cycled across the city to find a camera repair store that doesn’t exist. That was a highlight.

Heat and cramping aside its all going pretty well, the main issue I’ve found is keeping your mind occupied for hours on end. People who know me well may be shocked to hear this, but I’m actually starting to crave some social interaction! It’s a pretty lonely day on the road, particularly when you can’t actually communicate with anyone you do meet. But I’m booked in for my first couch surfing experience tomorrow night in Gien, so I’m pretty interested to see how that works out. Hopefully you’ll hear from me again… I figure It’s a good sign that the host has already offered to make me dinner when I arrive: rice and lentils… Which may not sound like much now, but it’ll be like a Sunday roast to me after 90kms tomorrow!

If you still want to donate towards Cystic Fibrosis research click here. Im less than $2,000 from my 20k target now!

Current location: Nearly halfway across France!

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